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Post by Admin on Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:27 pm

Helloooooooooooooooooo . . .

The Tax Practice Forum is a private forum for sharing knowledge on planning techniques, transactions and anything else related to tax practice. The forum is intended to bridge the gap between what you can learn from books and what you actually need to know to do the job.

Obviously if the system is working right you pick up much of this type of knowledge from your seniors but it's a pretty slow process even if you are annoying like me and ask too many questions.

Additionally, the fact that firms tend to specialize also limits what you can learn from your seniors. A forum like this may also help us all get a practical understanding of transactions and planning in which our firms don't necessarily specialize.

In general, the hope is that in many situations a forum like this can help you do a more informed, better job for the client, and that this can hopefully translate into expanding your personal practice within a firm or your firm's practice in general.

Although hardly an issue due to an assuredly total lack of interest from the general public and tax practitioners alike, I would like to keep this forum small and limited to friends and friends-of-friends so that nobody has to worry about whether discussions on the forum amount to legal advice and things like that. It goes without saying that any content, if anybody actually posts any content ever, is 100% buyer beware.

I've created a few discussions between myself to illustrate what I envision for this forum (and also because I think the topics are useful).

Finally, I noticed some pretty good forums that are also hosted through this website, including "CHRISTIAN HARD MUSIC" and "OBEDIENCE TO THE SWORD." If you aren't interested in this forum, may I commend you to those?



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